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NEURONITE is an 18+ event, and is free, thanks to the CA Creative Corps, which is generously supported by the California Arts Council and administered by Community Partners.

Traditional concerts are expensive, exclusionary (they are created for neurotypical abled folks), and often not a safe and viable option for many underserved communities, particularly Neurodivergent, D/disabled, LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC folks.

There is currently no live music entertainment that is being curated with the needs of these intersecting communities in mind, so
NEURONITE is specifically designed to serve two functions; the showcasing of new artistic work by humxns who share the intersectional identities of neurodivergent, queer, nonbinary, and D/disabled that are so often underrepresented and unheard from in mainstream events due to a lack of access, means and opportunity, and the creation of a live show environment that is built around and prioritizes the comfort and needs of the neurodivergent community, rather than making us an afterthought. NEURONITE offers neurodivergent folx on both sides of the stage the opportunity to process, heal and express themselves creatively while fostering community engagement, support and mental health awareness.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing additional information regarding the date, time, venue, performers, vendors, accessibility information and COVID-19 safety protocols on this page, so make sure to follow us on our official NEURONITE Instagram so you don't miss out!

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